More than eleven years ago, we embarked on the path of physical and mental development. In the meantime, Potentia Gym has established itself as one of the premier places for health, well-being, appearance and performance improvement in Slovenia. After this time, we are still fully committed to this path. But in order to keep this philosophy, we choose only those members who identify with it. Potentia is a private gym but it’s not closed. We don’t sell clothes, protein powders or bodybuilding magazines in the gym. There are also no televisions, exercise machines or mirrors in it.


Potentia is a laboratory. And in the past years, we have combined the world’s most successful and well-established systems of training, nutrition and restoration, with our research and testing. Result? The formation of unique programs which we coordinate according to the ability and requirements of an individual or a group.


Over the years hundreds of people have trained in Potentia and naturally like in every community, a number of individuals who excelled by their willpower, their work ethic, and their accomplishments have broken out from the crowd. Individuals who have far exceeded both the general population and the people they’ve trained with. Individuals who have always been and will always be the greatest motivation for all other members.

Luka Gorše – 2013

There must always be the first one who makes way for everyone to follow. Luka paved the way in Potentia, soon after the sports center opened. But the carving of the path did not end there. Luka is still raising standards and setting new ones for constant advancement in performance of Potentia members.

Rok Trost – 2014

Seeing a man who radiates excellence and assuming he has always been like that is natural, but often mistaken. Rok came to his achievements (and consequently into the Hall of Fame) purely because of his iron will and unwavering determination. He not only reached the entry standards but completely crushed them.

Mira Cigüt – 2015

What do we get when we combine talent and hard work? Incredible achievement. Mira entered the Hall of Fame in less than two years of intensive training in Potentia, without any previous experience in this kind of practice. As the first woman, she is an inspiration for all current and future female members.

Urša Gorše – 2016

Through the process of hardening, the material is transformed and consequently forever changed. Human being who gets stronger through adversity never returns to the previous state. Ursa is a great example of such transformation. She reached Potentia’s heights in a little more than three years.

Gregor Kosi – 2017

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Such paths are covered with obstacles, doubts, and tests. Gregor was able to break through all of this in just over four years, despite his previous serious injury and a flood of other activities. He has proven that no external factor can stop you.

Ivana Planinc – 2018

Success in everything comes down to focus and effort. Fortunately Ivana has both. It’s rare to find a person who does more than she is asked and is always seeking to outrain her competitors. Ivana is that person. She entered Potentia Hall of Fame in little less than two years.

Jasmina Živanović – 2021

There are few straight paths in life. But it’s the ups and downs, twists and turns that make the path all the more rewarding when we finally arrive. Jasmina knows that all too well. She achieved all the norms and was accepted into the Hall of Fame in just over four years.

Oktavijan Aram – 2022

Bravery and willpower are shown by undertaking challenges you are not naturally prone to. Oktavijan was able to achieve all the norms in four years and proven that strength and endurance can go hand in hand.


“Truth be told, I cannot imagine a week, which is very stressful because of a job and other obligations, without a training in POTENTIA. I can. I really can surpass myself and all of my fixed ideas about how I cannot do something, and how essentially nothing makes any sense.” – Leja Sambol

“I’ve lost 19 kilograms, figured out how important moving is for humans and how effective strength training is – lifting weights and bodyweight exercises. The experience was also very beneficial for my son and my husband. The whole family has established proper eating habits” – Natalija Gogala

review1-compressor “Life is a competition. Time is running and points are adding. If you want to achieve as many points in life as possible, go to POTENTIA. There they really know how you can reach your peak.”
– Mojca Čebašek

post2 “Kilograms down, strength and energy levels up. You’re always testing your limits in POTENTIA and you always see once again that you can. This is enough of a motivation to keep on going.”
– Aljoša Avdič Mravlje

post2 “I am very pleased with the personal approach and that there is always someone waiting for you there to give you encouragement and make sure you do the exercises properly. The result after three months is minus 12 kg. I’m telling you that POTENTIA is awesome.”
– Damjana Pernuš

post2 “This is what works! With effects on the right places! Instead of searching for the latest cosmetic methods, select POTENTIA. The coaches there will help you in a way that you simply add the icing on the cake.”
– Erika Kobal

post2 “We were still skeptical the first and the second visit, but now it’s fantastic. We are pleased with the trainings in POTENTIA because we have improved our physical as well as mental strength which we both strongly need in our present lifestyle.”
– Jelka in Franc Dominko

post2 “I first encountered this kind of training system in POTENTIA and I’m totally excited about it. The results were already noticeable after a month of training – I lost 4 kilograms and I feel great.”
– Mojca Maver

post2 “They’ve convinced me in POTENTIA, first and foremost, by their broad knowledge and an excellent passing of it. You do not only train your body there, but you also learn a lot of new and interesting things.”
– Rok Jelenko

post2 “My physical fitness and appearance are getting better by the day. I would recommend trainings in POTENTIA to all others who want to do something good and useful for themselves!”
– O.P.

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