The youngest member who trained at Potentia was 8 years old and the oldest 74. In between, there were members of all possible ages. With us, no age is an obstacle, as coaches adjust the training according to the needs of the individual.

We do not make any significant differences between the sexes.

Because we adjust to your physical and mental readiness to exercise, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t engaged in any type of physical activity in the past ten years, or have been completely inactive. So far, we have helped several individuals who weighed over 150 kg and were previously completely physically inactive.

All coaches are former top athletes, so injuries are well-known to us. In fact, many individuals who come to us have already suffered some kind of injury or occasionally suffer from some sort of chronic pain. It is rare for us to get an individual who is in perfect health. Because we know a very wide range of exercises and methods, we can always choose the ones that are performed safely and without pain, regardless of the individual’s problem.